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Why coronavirus is dangerous for bald men

American doctors have found a link between COVID-19 and baldness. Scientists suggest that male sex hormones help the RNA genomic virus enter the human body and attack its healthy cells.

Professor Carlos Vambier stated that baldness is one of the parameters of disease severity. Vambier's group conducted a study of patients with coronavirus infection in three hospitals in Madrid. It was revealed that 79% of the infected men were bald. Earlier, the observation of doctors from a Spanish clinic showed a similar picture: 29 out of 41 patients with coronavirus had alopecia.

Scientists have emphasized that partial or complete baldness is observed in middle-aged white men in 31-53% of cases of coronavirus infection. Similar statistics are observed in women who have lost their hair due to increased production of androgens.

To slow down the spread of coronavirus, doctors suggest using androgen suppression methods. To eliminate the risk of contracting coronavirus, doctors advise people prone to alopecia to undergo hormone therapy.