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Tricks of car dealerships when selling new cars

Months of self-isolation have significantly reduced the profits of car sellers. To make up for lost profits, car dealerships find ways to swindle money from customers. What tricks do managers use when selling new cars. If you know their tricks, you can avoid overpaying.

The main task of sellers is to lure the buyer into the salon by any means. He is promised special conditions, discounts, gifts. On a personal visit, everything is different.

What tricks dealership managers use:

  • Sell a service certificate. As a result, they can pay only part of the costs.
  • Explain that the vehicle of the required configuration is in stock, but left to another client. In order to purchase it immediately, and not wait for several months, you need to pay for the removal of the reservation.
  • It is advised to sign a contract for the purchase of a car with an expensive configuration, under the pretext that the desired model will not appear soon and will cost much more.
  • Together with the bank and the insurance company, they issue a car at a discount under state programs, and CASCO is calculated at the full cost.