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Oleg Gazmanov was accused of a crime

The 67-year-old Russian singer boasted a perfect figure and an even tan. The other day, Gazmanov on Instagram published a series of photographs in which he and his wife Marina are captured during the holidays. Any young man would envy the musician's body: not an ounce of fat, only muscles.

Spouses like to have an active rest, rafting down the rivers on boards. Tanned and sporty Oleg poses on the board in shorts. His wife is lying on the board. According to the singer, at the time of the shooting, they had already covered 8.5 kilometers on the boards. “So I’m getting ready to air for Siberia,” the singer signed the post.

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Publication from Oleg Gazmanov (@oleggazmanov)

Fans are delighted with the pictures. Oleg received especially many compliments from women: “Are you sure you will be 68 soon? You look 30 years younger”, “It is a crime to have such a gorgeous figure at your age”, “What an active young man!”, “Here is a role model for most Russian men!”.

Gazmanov does not hide how he keeps his youth. In his interviews, the celebrity says that he does sports every day. The main thing is not a big load, but a regular one. During training, you need to bring to the appearance of sweat, for example, run with a dog or do 50 push-ups from the floor.

Oleg notes that emotions play a huge role in prolonging youth. The less you let negative thoughts into your life and do not succumb to depression, the slower you age. “Letting in anger means destroying yourself,” the singer claims, “I believe in this, so I gave up negative emotions a long time ago.” [fourteen].