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How to get a salary increase from management

When a person feels confident in his abilities and knowledge, has experience, he wants his work to be appreciated. Business leaders are in no hurry to raise wages for employees, especially after a long self-isolation. How can I get them to agree to this issue?

Evaluators give the following recommendations:

  • Prepare for a reasoned conversation with your boss. It is unacceptable to create a conflict situation.
  • Tell us about self-study, additionally acquired knowledge, advanced training. List your skills, the benefits that you can bring to the enterprise.
  • Propose a solution to production bottlenecks.
  • Refer to the labor market, where the same work and qualifications pay more. Make it clear that a new place with better conditions is easy to find.
  • Explain that you are doing the work of several people. This helped save the payroll.
  • State a more attractive offer from another firm.