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An unusual way to protect against the heat of Dr. Komarovsky

At high air temperatures, it is important to protect the body from overheating. When it's hot, be sure to wear a hat. Dr. E. Komarovsky recommends tying a scarf around the neck. How this accessory helps to avoid heat stroke.

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Publication from Dr. Komarovskiy (@doctor_komarovskiy)

There are many large vessels on the neck, This is an important reflex zone. She actively responds to any external influences. It is necessary to sew or buy a scarf, preferably from natural materials. During the heat, it should be moistened with water and wound around the neck. This will help to avoid overheating of the body, quickly feel relief.

The accessory can be used to protect against insects. This is especially true for children. Repellents should not be applied to their delicate skin. If you sprinkle a scarf with them, insects will not bite your neck. In the heat, a useful accessory will become a reliable protection against sunburn.