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9 reasons why you are always tired

Feeling of fatigue, exhaustion are the signals given by the body when the wrong way of life. If a person is often tired, the causes may be diseases, hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies. The situation can be corrected with small changes.

Lack of sleep

This is the main cause of fatigue. The body needs rest, in its absence there are problems with memory, mental disorders, weight gain. To get enough sleep, you should use a good mattress, ensure a comfortable temperature in the room. It is equally important to follow the regime. Even on weekends, go to bed and wake up at the same time. It helps to keep vivacity at the beginning of the working week.

Skipping breakfast

At night, the body continues to function, it processes the food that a person has eaten in the evening. In the morning, you need to replenish your energy supply. Skipping breakfast can exacerbate feelings of fatigue throughout the day.

Alcohol before bed

To process alcohol, the body needs to make extra efforts. Even if a person instantly falls asleep in the evening, he wakes up tired the next morning.

Thyroid problems

Insufficient production of hormones leads to rapid fatigue. Feeling tired can occur in the morning after a night's rest or at rest. This is an occasion to visit an endocrinologist.

Excess and lack of water

A large amount of liquid drunk during the day disturbs night sleep, causes morning fatigue. Water deficiency slows down metabolism, which affects energy production, mood. It is important to drink it little by little throughout the day.

Unpleasant situations

If you think about negative circumstances for a long time, this will lead to depletion of energy, cause a feeling of fatigue, loss of strength. In unpleasant situations, you need to switch your attention to positive thoughts and actions.


When at home or in the office there is an excess of unnecessary things or they are not in their place, this often causes discomfort. To avoid fatigue, it is useful to clean up, make living and working space convenient and comfortable.

Lack of physical activity

The body is energized by regular exercise. They don't have to be high intensity. You can walk, swim, ride a bike. This will increase strength, endurance, reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Iron deficiency

The lack of a substance disrupts the transport of oxygen to cells and tissues. This leads to lethargy, weakness, exhaustion. You can fill the lack of iron with the help of diet and medications.