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7 tips for organizing remote work

Coronavirus infection is forcing managers to send employees to work at home. The presence of distractions, the lack of colleagues with whom you can solve problems or just talk, create serious problems. To make working remotely effective, use useful tips.

Separate work and leisure areas

If you put the computer in a separate room, it must be closed in the evening and this will mean the end of the shift. If this is not possible, try to work at your desk rather than on the couch or in bed. Tidy up the place when you're done. This will be a signal that you can go to rest.

Get dressed every day

Working in pajamas does not create a working mood. Getting dressed is a simple action that adds to the daily routine a sense of preparation for the start of activity, improves mental state, and increases productivity.

Stick to your usual schedule

The difference between working remotely is the lack of stress when you need to hurry so as not to be late. This does not mean that you can get up at any time. Wake up as usual, just do your morning chores slowly. Don't forget to take a lunch break and finish work on time.

Set goals for the day

Planning will help you stay organized, avoid distractions from household chores. Goals are useful to write down in the organizer, and at the end of the shift to mark their implementation. It is important that they are realistic, otherwise it will cause dissatisfaction with the results.

Go for walks

Plan to go outside during the day. You can walk around the house after dinner, do exercises on the sports ground. This will help increase productivity, get job satisfaction.

Stay connected

Communication with colleagues is necessary to solve common problems. Video chats help to avoid the feeling of loneliness, make it possible to feel in demand.

Schedule time to take care of yourself

Organize your leisure time after your shift is over. It could be reading a book, watching a new movie, or taking a warm bath. It is important to switch from work, to cheer up, to celebrate successes..