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7 rules for weight control in quarantine

Due to forced inactivity, people's habitual physical activity has decreased. This lifestyle, combined with overeating out of boredom, can lead to a set of extra pounds. Nutritionists told how to behave in quarantine, so as not to get fat.

  1. The period of self-isolation provokes a weakening of self-control. It becomes difficult to stick to the schedule, because you no longer need to get ready for work, go for walks, go to the gym. In quarantine, try to keep your usual way of life. Use the time that you used to spend on the road for sports: it is quite possible to conduct full-fledged workouts at home.
  2. Review your diet. Use the time of self-isolation to break old habits and develop new ones. For starters, give up an extra cup of coffee and store-bought pastries, then master healthy eating recipes.
  3. Watch what you eat. Even if you play sports during the period of self-isolation, your activity will still be lower than usual. Movement restrictions require a reduction in daily caloric intake. In order not to gain weight, try to choose foods with a lower energy value.
  4. Control what you eat. Keep a food diary: every day write down everything you eat and drink in a notebook. This will help to introduce more useful products into the menu and exclude harmful ones. A food diary will allow you to understand what your body can do without and what it lacks.
  5. Take care of your body. Even at home, you need to look good. Do not forget about personal hygiene, carry out all the usual procedures that you performed earlier - this will help maintain both physical and mental health. Take time for manicure, hairstyle, self-massage.
  6. Get out into the air. The body needs oxygen to feel good. If it is not possible to walk near the house, go out to the balcony more often and breathe fresh air.
  7. Clean up the apartment. Cleaning is not only the fight against coronavirus, but also psychological comfort. Ventilate rooms daily, dust, wash floors. This is also beneficial for the body: moving, you will burn extra calories.