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10 facts about headaches

It is difficult to find a person who would not encounter a painful symptom. For what reasons does a headache occur, in whom it occurs most often, whether it harms the body. Doctors tell about interesting facts that are connected with this.

Who is at risk

Women are more likely to suffer from headaches, which is caused by hormonal changes. Migraine attacks occur in every fourth. Among men, this problem occurs only in eight people out of a hundred. Before puberty, boys often have headaches.

The consequences of taking painkillers

The situation can be aggravated by the treatment process. An overdose of headache medication sometimes only makes the symptom worse. Excessive amounts of drugs lead to damage to the kidneys and liver. The condition can be improved if painkillers are completely abandoned.

Migraine is a hereditary disease

Most people who experience this disease have relatives with similar problems. If one parent has a migraine, the child has a 50% risk. When both are sick, the probability rises to 75%.

Headaches are harmless

Although the symptom causes discomfort, serious trouble, and sometimes disability, it does not harm the body. To cope with the problem, you can lie quietly in a dark room or take a pain pill.

What causes headaches

Restriction in food leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels. Prolonged hunger during fasting or dieting causes severe headaches. An unpleasant symptom is provoked by stress, noise, flashing lights, smoke and certain types of food.

Hormones and Migraine

In some women, a painful symptom appears a few days before the onset of menstruation, in others - during the cycle. Sometimes headaches are a concern during menopause. This is due to fluctuating hormones. Migraine attacks can trigger estrogen-based birth control pills, especially in women who smoke.

The best medicine is lifestyle

If a person eats right, walks a lot, sleeps well, his head will not hurt. An unpleasant symptom will help to avoid physical activity, the absence of bad habits - smoking, alcohol abuse.

The most common headaches

Men are characterized by attacks that occur regularly at the same time. Very often, people experience tension headaches associated with spasms of the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

What causes the symptom

Pain signals do not come from the brain, as many people think. They are triggered by activated nerves around the skull, blood vessels and muscles of the head.

Ice cream headache is not a myth

Cold dessert leads to vasospasm. This cuts off blood flow, causing them to swell and hurt.