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Real Estate Flipping - Introduction- Week 5

By.. "Venu Vankadhara, Real Estate Investor" 


What is flipping houses? 

 “House flipping” or “Flipping houses” is a term that means you are buying a house and then turning around and selling it for a profit. Below are the key focus areas of flipping a house. 

Property Management – Week 4

By.. "Venu Vankadhara, Real Estate Investor" 

Property management for your rental properties is a very important decision you need to take as a landlord.  A lot of people who invest aren't activity hands on with all their investments so it only makes sense to hire someone to do it for them.

I hear so many stories of investors getting out of the rental business because they hate dealing with tenants. This never makes sense to me. Real estate has many advantages in the long run; you shouldn’t be backing out of being a landlord just because you can’t manage tenants.  Your real estate agent can help you find a good property management company. At the end of the day, hiring a property manager shouldn't be taken as a light task. It could make or break your investment so proper due diligence should be taken.

Top markets for investing in rental properties – Week 2

By.. “Venu Vankadhara, Real Estate Investor” 

Buying homes for passive rental income is hot, but new real estate investors often wonder about which are the most profitable areas to buy homes. In order to invest in rental property, one must buy a house where mortgage and HOA expenses are less than their rental income. You can invest in single family, multi-family, condos, townhomes, shopping centers, office buildings etc.,

There are lots of financing options – traditional mortgage, private money, hard money etc.  These   options mean that anyone can get started with a little bit of wisdom and a lot of out of the box thinking no matter their financial planning.

How to Calculate Net Operating Income (NOI) – Week3 

By.. “Venu Vankadhara, Real Estate Investor” 

Net operating income (NOI) is simply the annual income generated by an income producing residential/commercial property after deducting yearly expenses from yearly income.  It plays a major role in deciding a whether property is a good investment or not? Hence it is very important for a real estate investor to understand this thoroughly.

Real Estate Investment - Week 1


By.. "Venu Vankadhara, Real Estate Investor" 

You may have heard about real estate investing from your friends, families OR HGTV shows like flip OR Flop, fixer upper, beachfront bargain hunt etc., it is one of the oldest and proven forms of investing;   many millionaires are made in real estate. Perseverance   is very important along with the location strategy in real estate investing to make profit. Only 3 parameters dictate real estate investing – LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. Real estate is one of the asset classes that every investor should seriously consider adding to his or her portfolio for the cash flow, liquidity, profitability, and net worth characteristics as well as the diversification benefits it offers. 

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