Vastavam Super Singer 2020

Vastavam Team is glad to announce Online Singing Competition for Telugu people living around the world.

  • Any one from anywhere (any country) in the world can participate in this contest.
  • No age limit for the participants.
  • Last date for preliminary round entries is June 30th

Famous film lyricist Sri Chandra Bose and popular playback singer Smt. Usha will be the judges for quarter, Semis and Final rounds of the contest.

Singer Sarada Akunuri and/or other judges will screen the entries in auditions for the preliminary rounds and select candidates for contest.

Contestants who are selected in the preliminary rounds will be placed in quarter finals.
Those who are selected in quarter finals will move to semifinals. Winners from semifinals will be competing for the title in the grand finals.

The Judges will make the final decision and arguments of any kind will not be entertained in the decision making.

Super Singer 2020 title winner will receive a cash prize of $1200 and the runner will receive a cash prize of $600.

Follow the below instructions to contest in this world wide singing competition. 

  1. Register with your details and a payment of $30 by using the online form at the below hyper link.

2. You would get a registration and payment confirmation email once it is processed. Please wait until you get this confirmation email with instructions on submitting the video song and due date for video submission. Then you can start recording your video.

3. Video Record you singing by following the guidelines as mentioned below. Any videos without following these guidelines would be rejected and you will have to re-record the videos.

* Video size should be 16:9 (aspect ratio)

* Video resolution 1920 x 1080

* Camera/phone should be in horizontal orientation.

*You can use karaoke or Smule and record solo songs for your singing.

* Do not set any filters or special effects in video recording if you are using Smule. Any such videos with special effects will be rejected.

* If you are using Smule, there should not be any transitions or special effects and judges should be convinced that you did sing the entire song in one shot.

*Make sure that there is adequate lighting in the room where you record the video.

*Try to use a video camcorder or DSLR, cell phone would be the least option, but ultimate goal is a clear video with good quality of audio.

*The singer should be clearly visible head-to-waist in the video and there should not be any kind of  special effects, or transitions or graphics in the video.

*Camera position should be  horizontal and at the eye-level of the singer.

*The background should be plain white or very light color.  You could use a wall or a screen.

*Audio should be very clear with no background noise. You can use headphones or hand mic for recording.

*In the video first Introduce yourself and give 30 seconds to 60 seconds pause/gap before starting the singing.

*Give 30 sec pause/gap after singing is done and do a Namaskar.

*Give 30 sec pause/gap after Namaskar and say thanks to Vastavam and the judges.

* If you are using smule app, you can separately record Namaskar and Thanks video clips using a camera or phone using the same video standards.

4. These three video shots will be used to make an interactive video in the editing of the final video which will be telecast on vastavam youtube channel.

5. Name the video file with singer first, last name and phone number. (Ex: Sravya-Sunkara-4045056066.mp4)

6. Email your video to, we will get your video on google drive link automatically. Don’t forget to mention “Share with 1 person” with “Edit” option to this email id.

7. You have a choice of using a new song/video in quarter, semi and finals. But it’s not a mandatory.

8. Please let us know the file name that you sent to us by email once you emailed it.

9. The completed episodes will be published to You Tube channel on a weekly basis.

10. Subscribe to the vastavam YouTube channel at and click the notification button so that you will be notified when the episodes are published.

Please make sure that you read all the rules and regulations mentioned below for this contest.

For any queries and further details please contact vastavam team by emailing to

Good Luck,
Vastavam Team

Any contestant who registers for ‘vastavam super singer 2020’ online singing contest will agree for all the rules mentioned here.

General Rules:
1. The entire contest at its full length will be telecast on vastavam media channels in the form of episodes in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, telegram and website ( Each episode will show 5 contestants singing and judges judging their performance. Contestants will be placed in the episodes in the order the registrations & recorded songs are received.
2. Participant’s proof of address will be verified after auditions before allowing to quarter finals.
3. Judges will make the final decision in the contest in all rounds and no arguments of any kind related to the judges decision is allowed. Contestants must respect the judges decision and should not discuss about their judgement in any form like in email, social media etc..
4. By registering for ‘vastavam super singer 2020’ online singing contest you agree that ‘vastavam media & entertainment’ channel and it’s team, judges, sponsors, or our affiliates will not be held liable for any reason to you or to any third party for any such herein or by law.
5. For the entries which are not selected for the Preliminary rounds in auditions, the registration fee will be fully refunded ($30) once the contest is completed.