Movie Review: 24 Kisses

RATING: 1.5/5

OVERVIEW: Anand (Arun) is a children’s filmmaker who is struggling to find funds for his upcoming feature film. He gets attracted to his film student Sri Lakshmi (Hebah) and their romance takes off when he plants a kiss on her. Although Anand is physically attracted to Sri Lakshmi he is not ready for a committed relation. Meanwhile, Sri Lakshmi gets to know about his previous sex-capades and breaks up with him. How do they unite together is the crux of the story.

REVIEW: ‘24 kisses ‘is about a casanova named Anand. First half starts in routine manner with a boy girl lover story and modern age relationships. Anand doesn’t want any emotional relation with the girls he sleeps around, Sri Lakshmi upset with it – because she is in deep love with him. The reasoning Anand tells why he doesn’t want kids in his life is silly. At somepoint he says he is in love, in very next scene says he hates love so on… thought out the film the ideology of the protagonists flip flops with no reasonings.

Making things worse, majority of second half is filled with a documentary on children and importance of giving nutritional food to them. Having overdose of smooching scenes in first half and social message in same film make this film fail for both sections.

Performances: Adith Arun, Hebah Patel are ok as lead pair. From character artists, Naresh and Rao Ramesh played important roles. Rao Ramesh as psychiatrist, Naresh as heroine’s father play other roles. Remaining all actors are unknown to little known ones with no importance.

The production values of the film are decent as the cameraman showcased the visuals on a good note. Music is below par but the background score was neat. Dialogues were average and so was the production design. Editing is a disaster as close to half an hour of the movie could have been easily chopped off.  

Coming to the director Ayodhya Kumar, it is sad to see such a filmmaker attempt a film like this. He gets it completely wrong in every aspect and kills the film with his own hands. There is absolutely no sense in the proceedings as it is hard to understand as to what the director wanted to showcase through his narration.

Final verdict of the film 24 Kisses ‘is easily the worst movie of the year. As title suggests it is all about smooching, the torture reaches next level in second half with a social message about malnourished poor children in India.