Movie Review: Taxiwaala

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Shiva(Vijay Devarakonda) is a happy go lucky graduate who comes to Hyderabad for his livelihood. Upset with not finding a suitable job, he buys an old car and becomes a cab driver. Things take an U-turn when weird things start happening in his car and Shiva gets scared for his life and decides to dispose of his car. What is the backstory behind this car? Why is it troubling Shiva? and how will Shiva get rid of it? That forms the rest of story.

REVIEW: the car is what the movie is all about? How Is Vijay Deverakonda’s Performance? Vijay Deverakonda delivers another attractive performance. It isn’t something that is memorable or something special but it will surely help him a lot in cementing the position among the youth. Vijay Deverakonda is uber-cool and terrific styling wise and that alone will win him fans.

The acting is neat and helps the narrative without drawing too much focus on self. There is an instant connect and freshness in the casual way with which Vijay Deverakonda shows friendly interaction on screen. It is so natural and so are the romantic turns. The combination is what is working magic for him right now. The believability of the character, with or without standout performance is his strength and we hope it stays that way.

Rahul Sankrityan picks up a strong storyline and sticks to its strengths. He makes sure to sprinkle good doses of humor. He has very good command over all crafts of the film and made a quality film on his debut. He handled the emotions well too.

Music by Jakes Bejoy is impressive. Maate Vinadhuga is a catchy song and the background score is captivating. Sujith Sarang does a great job behind the camera. Production values are good. SKN must be lauded for picking up a story based film as his debut production.

Final verdict of the film is It’s is a one-time watch for Vijay Deverakonda fans and/or semi-horror genre audience. However, things get a bit slow in the second half as the proceedings become quite serious. As there are no major releases till this month end and keeping Vijay’s popularity in mind, this film has a good chance to work at the box office.